Thursday, June 23, 2016

Stamp Trio: ME - Up and Away

It's time for another Stamp Trio Challenge!

Last time, I used Mama Elephant's Carried Away (see post here) to create 3 cards, and I also pulled out Mama Elephant's Up And Away to use for extra variety. Since I happened to stamp out some extra critters from Up and Away, I decided to go for a card trio with that set as well.

I started with a simple card using the first critter, which I turned into a fox, and the balloons. I colored the images with Copics and added some dots to the balloons as an extra texture. I think it makes them look like celebration balloons. For the rest of the card, I used peachy colors with a touch of black for contrast and a couple of teal enamel dots to tie in with the balloons.

For the second card, I used the critter again, but colored him a tawny brown color. I added the big balloon from Carried Away. I used a similar color scheme, replacing the bright aqua with a warm orange yellow. Like with the first card, I added some texture to the balloon by adding white dots with a gel pen. For embellishment, I added a few sequins in addition to the enamel dots.

Finally, the third card was a bit more complicated. I used the same warm orange/yellow as the previous card, but I replaced the critter with the bunny and the balloon with an umbrella. I also added a tiny bear from Carried Away. For the background, I die-cut a tag from watercolor paper and covered it with some minty watercolor. This created a nice and subtle texture. I added just sequins as embellishment.

For this particular card trio, I tried to build cards with unifying elements. So, there's a flow to the cards in terms of palettes, embellishments and the layout. Each card had something similar to the card before it, as well as an introduction of a new element. This left me with a small card set that goes well together, but isn't just one repeated design.

Bonus card- I had a few pieces left over, so I decided to try a completely different palette. It's much softer and more subtle than the rest, so it doesn't fit in as a set. But it does make a lovely stand-alone card.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Four fabulous cards! You have amazing talents, my friend! I've totally missed seeing your creations. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly again. :D