Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pink Wedding

 One of the things that really pushed me into card-making is that ability to tailor the card to their recipient. From their favorite color and current hobby to inside jokes and personalized sentiment, you're practically guaranteed to make a one-of-a-kind card they'll never get elsewhere. I, personally, take great joy in making the card fit their person. And those little details do get noticed (much to my surprise and delight)!

I suppose even before getting into card-making, I was that one girl standing in the card aisle, mentally agonizing over which of those two cards would be just perfect. So, suddenly having the freedom to just make it perfect is awesome!

And then last week, a dear friend requested I make a card for a couple I'd never met. This was one of those... I'm making a card for my friend's co-worker's sister, who in turn is giving it to one of her client's grand-daughters for her wedding (talk about complicated!). And it needed to be made that day because the wedding was over the weekend...

After my mini-panic-attack, I asked for any info they had about the happy couple. They had the wedding invitation, which was very lovely and featured an engagement picture. That was enough to get some creative wheels turning, and I came up with the card you see above.

I used Some Odd Girl's First Dance Mae stamp set, because it has a beautiful couple dancing. I colored them in with my Copics, making sure they matched the engagement picture. I was really happy with it, and then got stumped again. What kind of background do I use?!

So, I drew on the wedding invitation again and pulled the colors - pinks, creams, reds and a touch of black. The invitation had a more modern (even artistic) feel, so I chose a pretty watercolor paper and a scripty love die. A few paper flowers and pearls later, I had a finished card.

The card was very well-received, as a thank-you card from the bride confirms. And as scary as it was to make a card for someone I didn't know, it was also very fulfilling. Maybe I will challenge myself to make a few more "anyone" cards...


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