Saturday, June 2, 2018

Summer State

It's June and that officially makes it summer in my mind. Even though we've had the scorching heat for a couple of weeks now, it just doesn't feel like summer until June rolls around. So, I wanted to celebrate with a quick summer-themed card.

Summer cards always make me feel a little ambivalent. On one hand, I love the imagery and iconic summer things. The bright colors are fun, and who can say no to popsicles and swimsuits?! But on the other hand, "happy summer" just doesn't feel like the kind of card I'd send out.

Still... in the interest of expanding my horizons and stretching out those creative muscles, I'm going to make an effort to create a few cards to celebrate the seasons. Not an overabundance of them, maybe, but a few might be nice to have around.

Thanks for reading!

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