Thursday, January 4, 2018

Stash Kit Project: Info 2

I originally wrote about the Stash Kit Project in August of 2016, and I've had several questions about it since. So, I thought that I would make a follow up post to expand on the idea of making kits from your stash.
The first big thing that I want to mention is that the purpose of a stash kit is to give a jump start to your creative process and to make card-making easier. What that entails may be very different from one crafter to the next - as it could be anything from simple organization (a box with all the essentials to make a card without having to pull out a million supplies), to inspiration (a project to get you warmed up and get the creative flow going), to learning (a box with all the supplies for trying out a new technique).

Another important thing to mention is that you are entirely in charge of what the kit is and how you use it. My friend Maggie does scrapbooking and she takes the leftovers (ex. letter stickers that don't spell out anything, flowers in colors/designs she doesn't like, cardstock with blemishes) to use as layout practice. When she likes a layout design, she sketches it out and uses it with the supplies she loves. And my friend Amélie makes her kits based on supplies used on a cards she made and loved. She includes a photo of her original card in the box, and she can quickly use the kit if she wants to recreate the look.

Lastly, I wanted to share a few ideas for making a couple of unconventional stash kits:

Inspiration Kit:
This is a great kit to use on those days when you just don't feel motivated to create - maybe it's been a long day and you're tired, or maybe you feel overwhelmed by your stash. Sometimes we just need a starting point to get us going.
- Add inks, cardstock and/or patterned paper that fits a certain palette.
Try going for colors you don't use often or combinations you haven't used on a card in a while.
- Make a "mood board" featuring embellishments, layout/card sketches and stamp/die combos.
Sometimes being in the right mind-set is the inspiration you need. Having a small collection of supplies to use together could really get those creative gears going.
- Add an old supply you've had for ages and one of the newest things in your stash.
Pairing the old with the new is a great creative exercise and it really helps you feel like your stash is a working collection instead of individual pieces.

Themed Kit:
This type of kit is excellent both for crafting in a hurry (last minute cards) and filling up your stash of cards you'll need throughout the year. I find this type of kit to be excellent especially for cards that are more challenging to make, such as sympathy or masculine cards.
- Add a variety of stamped sentiments, including several font and color choices.
You can stamp your sentiments on banners, for example, or heat-emboss them onto cut-out panels.
- Add several style options, ranging from mature and serious to young and funny.
Since the kit isn't meant for a single card, a group of elements will give you enough choices for several cards without overwhelming you.
- Include quick basics such as card bases, stickers, pre-colored stamped images, die-cut shapes/panels.
This will ensure that you'll both be able to make a card quickly, but also spend extra time playing around with placement, combining different supplies if you wish to.

Thanks for reading!