Sunday, June 14, 2015

SOG - Giggle

Every card-maker knows, mistakes happen - and sometimes it really sucks when they do! I can't even count the number of times I've messed something up. Whether it's the splotched greeting or matting the layers crooked, I've done it, let the frustration get the better of me and thrown away the card.

Chucking that card into the trash felt great emotionally, but I often wonder if that was the best decision. The fact of the matter is ... Not every card is going to be perfect. In fact, even those cards that felt perfect in the moment they were created might look completely horrible a year from now when I have more experience or when the trends change.

And to add to that, having to work with a mistake is a limitation that could prove great for my creativity. Having to change plans and make something different from my original vision could result in a better-looking card - and, if I'm perfectly honest with myself, the few times I covered a mistake, I did end up with a better card! So, I decided to try and push myself to fix a card first before throwing it away.

With the rambling bits out of the way, let's talk about today's card. I am using Some Odd Girl's Giggle Fairy digi stamp. I printed her out onto some Copic X-Press it cardstock and colored her in with Copics. I wanted to do some fun gradients, so I used a variety of color - orange and pink for the dress, purple and teal for the wings and a few slots of teal on her feet and ears. To make her look more magical, I used my white gel pen to add some sparkly dots. Then I carefully fussy-cut her out with scissors, leaving a small white border.

Since the fairy is so colorful and bright, I wanted to keep the rest of the card very simple. So, I die-cut a piece of neutral blue patterned paper with a curved edge die. I adhered it to a green top-folding A2 card base (4¼x5½"). I adhered the fairy with foam squares, then went to emboss a sentiment at the bottom right of the card.

And that's where I messed up and the sentiment came out a blobby mess. Since I really liked the coloring on the fairy, I first tried to very gently take her off the card. It worked ok at the bottom, where she was touching the cardstock. But I'd pressed down really hard at the top and there was no moving her from there! I really liked the way I'd colored her, though, so I decided to be creative and see if I can fix my mistake.

I die-cut another piece of that patterned paper with the curved edge die and adhered it just under the fairy. Then I added a piece of flair as sentiment and a few enamel dots as a decoration.

Once the card was done, I really like how the new version turned out. It was a lot more interesting visually, and it really allowed the fairy to shine.

Thanks for reading!


  1. THESE BLUE THOES ARE SUPER CUTE!!! I wish I could color with you and learn some more tips! You're so wonderfull at this!! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Ellen! It would be so awesome to have a coloring session together. I bet we'd have so much fun! :D

  2. Thank goodness for your blobby sentiment as the end result is so fantastic! Her hair, Elle, seriously, amazing!

    1. Definitely teaching me a lesson that sometimes mistakes are the best thing that can happen to a card! :D