Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Make Your Own Card Kit -- Kit 1 review

Alright, so I finally found the slightest bit of time to create this post - even though it feels like the cards have been sitting on my desk for ages! To see how I made my kit, click here.

So, let me start with all the cards I created with this kit:

I ended up with 5 cards, which is pretty awesome. But I'm not a huge fan of all of them (which makes me feel a little underwhelmed). Some of the cards were very experimental and completely different from my usual style, so they're lacking my usual confidence. I did, however, learn quite a bit about both my own process and the way I should make my kits in the future.

So, let's get down to what I learned:
- I had too much patterned paper. At most, 5 cards should need 6 papers, so my 12 choices were just too much.
- I had too many embellishments. Not only did I use only a few of them, but I ended up mainly sticking with enamel dots because they fit most everything.
- I had too many stamp sets. I struggled to use as many of them as possible, and didn't feel like I did any single set justice. 
 - It was a good idea to have one focal piece. I made a real dent in the chipboard sticker set, though I did not use all of it yet. I'm going to try using it up in the future cards, too.
- Outside adhesive and a couple of inkpads, I didn't need to go outside the kit at all. It was very well-rounded in terms of giving me everything I needed. I definitely feel like I should continue to include all the different elements I included (but with less quantities).
-  Having the card bases cut and scored in advance saved a bit of time, but I need to start adding extra cardstock I can use for layering and die-cutting. Especially white cardstock - it's a staple!

Overall, I had a positive experience with the kit, even if it was a bit challenging to use. I did like that a lot of the material from the kit got used up, but I'm going to assemble the next kit better - just so I can have less left-overs. I'd also like to add some dies to the kit, as I've got to make a dent in those, too. And I think I want to add some inkpads into the mix, as well. I've got some inky colors I just love, but haven't used to their potential yet.

Lastly, I plan on making another kit soon and sharing what I picked out.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Such a great collection of cards! Even though they're not all winner to you, they may be to someone else! My favorite of the five is the cactus one! I just love the rainbow strip on the top with the flair badge! Just super cute!!!

    1. And thanks, for sharing your experience about using your own card kit! It was fun to read! :)

    2. Thanks so much, Ka! I hope to find time to continue sharing again. :)

  2. I had been wondering how you'd gone with your kit. Think it is a great idea and *I* love *all* of your cards. I can definitely see how you could be challenged by still having too many choices. Looking forward to the next kit challenge!

    1. I need clones! I swear, I need clones to do work and cleaning and all those things that keep me away from crafting...

    2. Oh me too! If you work out how to do it...let me know, please. haha :)