Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Chat: Motivation and Pressure

I've been in this weird slump lately, feeling both extra creative/inspired and unmotivated to actually make something. A part of it is that I've been putting in extra hours at work, and between that and getting sick, I'm absolutely exhausted. But a much bigger part of it is that I've got this feeling of being completely overwhelmed by the million ideas I've got and struggling with how to make them happen.

I've got a notebook full of ideas - ideas for cards, ideas for features and challenges for my blog, and ideas for new techniques (hello art journaling!) to try out. I want to make each idea happen, and I've always felt invigorated and inspired looking through them. Even in this weird mood, I still wanted to make all of those ideas happen - but there was this unexplained block.

So, I spent what little free time I've had lately on organizing my supplies and lurking on various card-making blogs, hoping to get just the right push to jump back into creativity. And then this morning, in a moment of synchronicity, Sandy Allnock posted this video on her YT channel. The mistake #3 is what got to me.

While I want to say there was a big moment of epiphany, with an angelic choir and beams of light shining down, it really was just a quiet moment of making a few things click. Somehow, over a long time, I've managed to slowly build up pressure and make my card-making (and art) really complicated.

I've gone back and forth (and still do!) about what to do with old/retired supplies. I've gone back and forth between finding personal challenges fun and finding them to be a chore. And I've struggled with finding that happy medium in blogging where posts are a combination of inspiring, educational and fun to read.

On some level, I've been emulating the many amazing card-making blogs I read. Yet I've done so without taking into account that a lot of those bloggers are professionals. Card-making, videos and blogging is their job, and they pour as much effort into it as I do with my day job. But I don't have the time (or the drive, really) to make crafting a second job. It's my bliss and what I do to relax - which is really hard if it starts to become another chore.

Watching Sandy's video this morning was a great reminder that I should just do. Just make cards, practice new skills and enjoy the process. So, I decided to drop the million plans/challenges/blog tweaks (for now, anyway) and focus on having fun. The moment I decided that, a huge weight just fell off my shoulders and I could feel that elusive mojo trickling back in.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I am right there with you, Elle! When creating becomes a chore, it robbed you joy and fun. And yes, it may still give you some satisfaction that you completed it, but then again, you didn't enjoy the process. And I agree with you about having tons of ideas and not being able to make it happen. I, too have a notebook of things I want to try, new products I want to have, and even challenges I want to make myself do. I already know that it's a fact that I will never be able to have all the things I want on my wishlist or try every techniques out there that looks fun or challenge myself to use my scrap piles and old supplies. I just create and make it fun while I'm at it. I am very happy to hear you were able to find your purpose of creating again! Have a good day, my friend! :)

    1. Thank you, Ka! It is so comforting to read that a lot of us face the same challenges when it comes to creativity, ideas and time. It certainly takes away some of that "how in the world does everyone manage to make cards and still have a job and family, and a million to-do tasks" feeling.

      I think it's really important to occasionally take the time to think about how well (or not so well!) plans and to-dos work out for us over time. Something that seems like a good idea at the beginning of the year could be a lot less fun as the year wraps up. Not to mention that we, ourselves, might change and be inspired by radically different things...

      In the end, we should always strive to work with what we love and enjoy - whether that fits our plans on not. And I think my rambly chat just wanted to think that through and express it to the universe (or, well, the blog readers anyway *lol*). :)

  2. It is something I think we all struggle with. There comes a time when we have to sit back and re-evaluate what we are doing and why....and it might come around more than once. You might like reading "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. She's said a lot of things which have resonated with me. I'm only part way through it but there are quite a few nuggets already. :)

    1. That is going on my must-read list, Kylie! There's another book I've been reading for inspiration - Julia Cameron's The Sound of Paper. If you ever get a chance to read it, definitely do. It's inspiring and very informative.