Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nurse Anya

The Greeting Farm - Nurse Anya, Clearly Besotted - Sweet Little Sentiments, Copics

Being sick is never fun, and it's even worse when it leaves you completely exhausted. I've had so many idea sparks this week for a card (or 20), but just lacked even an ounce of energy to make them.

So, I'm sharing this card.. which has been sitting in my "to post" folder for a while now.

I'm hoping to be back to being creative very soon.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Don't you find it funny (!) that when you are sick, or busy, etc, that the ideas just keep coming! This card is lovely and I think it would cheer up any person who is under the weather.

    1. Oh, it's the worst feeling ever! It's especially bad when you're too tired to do anything, but the creative brain just won't switch off...