Monday, April 13, 2015

Color Monday -- SSC Rose

It's Monday, and that means it's time for another color creation! I'm not veering too var from my usual style this week - a cute stamp, Copics and some pretty patterned paper - but I did go for an unusual (and fun!) hair color.

The stamp I'm using is SSC Rose - a stamp I received as a part of The Greeting Farm's Secret Stamp Club. I've had Rose for some time now, but I just hadn't found the right time to color her in. Being on a crafty inspired kick got me rolling, though, so I stamped her out and got to work.

For her colors, I was inspired by her name - so, I went with a bubbly pink with some darker purplish undertones. I used several colors on her hair, including both R and RV families. I did a lot of layering to build up the depth, while still sticking with the lighter-colored markers. Her outfit was really simple. I kept the same pinks and added dark (black) with BV25 and BV29.

Since the coloring and the adorable skull made her look a bit Gothic, I went with my Gothic-inspired patterned paper. A few enamel dots later and the card was complete. :)

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Pink hair = soooo fun! Love it! Of course your colouring is divine as always! I also really love the style of your card too. Do all the club stamps come with the skull?

    1. Thank you, Kylie! Pink was a totally fun color to use, though it was a bit more involved than usual -- I guess my pink hair combos aren't as practiced as natural colors... :D

      Nope, only one of the sets last time had a skull. And no skull so far on the new batch. I think it's just this particular line (I call them schoolgirls, but I have no clue what they're supposed to be for sure) that has them. The first set of stamps they had for the club was all fairy-tale themed, so it had lots of princesses.

      I've been playing with some of the other stamps I've gotten so far, so I'll post the cards soon too. :D

    2. lol It totally works though! Love pink hair.

      That's really interesting about the skulls. I don't mind the odd one but the idea of having lots of them kinda put me off subscribing again. lol

      Cannot wait! :)

    3. Yes, I think that was just that particular month that they introduced the new line with the skull girls. There's been quite a bit more variety otherwise. :)

    4. Oh! They just sent a letter about that particular line!
      "Sage and Lavender are part of an introductory collection called Gloomsberry Charm School. They are clever little girls with a charmingly witchy abilities."

      So I was spot-on with the schoolgirls!