Monday, May 4, 2015

OHC 36 - Blue

Today's card features another stamp from The Greeting Farm's Super Secret Stamp Club - cute little stamp called Love Peppermint. This stamp is in the style of their Beans collection. I don't have any stamps from that collection, so I was super happy to get this set to play with.

Today's card is a double-duty card. First, it's a color Monday - and I'm using a color combo I've been itching to try:
In particular, I love the idea of combining blue, mint and yellow/orange. Blue and orange are contrasting colors, so they really make the combination pop.

Secondly, it's another entry for my One Hundred Card challenge (read about it here).

I kept the card itself very simple. Since I wanted the peppermint girl to really pop, I kept the card base and patterned papers in the blue and mint tones. I layered all the elements together, then adhered them to a square 4¼ by 4¼" card. Lastly, a few enamel dots and the card was done!

Thanks so much for reading.

P.S. Busy times at work continue. I apologize in advance if I'm a bit slow to respond or if I miss a day or two posting cards.


  1. Ah Elle, you are amazing! The Love Pepper mint shines with your design and colouring. I feel like I keep saying the same things but that is because you are just a fabulous colourist and designer!

    1. You are too kind, Kylie! I think you are a pretty fabulous designer, yourself! I love seeing your cards. They always inspire me. :)

    2. Oh gosh, I totally missed this! Elle, thank you soooo much! That is HIGH praise indeed coming from you! :)