Sunday, May 22, 2016

Chatty Sunday: Using up Supplies

I'm starting today's chat with a quick card share that illustrates something I've been working on a lot lately - using up my supplies. The card itself includes some paper and embellishments from Lawn Fawn, most of which are no longer available for purchase.

I have a stash of "consumable" supplies I got over time. It includes patterned paper, embellishments, ink, and more. The majority of these supplies are retired, and others are just perpetually out of stock because they're popular with crafters. Ever since I got them, I've always hesitated using them - rationalizing that I'll miss them when they're used up and regret not saving them for the perfect project.

And while that logic is sound -- after all, what I hate the most is being unprepared and feeling like I'm missing a million things -- the reality is actually quite different.

First, there's no such thing as a "perfect" project. Every project is important in its own way, whether I love or hate the result. And - more importantly - creativity is not product-dependent. By assuming that I'll be so upset over a missing supply that I won't be able to think of a creative way to do without it, I'm really telling myself that I have no confidence about my skills. Some of what feels like my best work came from being limited - by supply, theme or more. So, I should embrace the limitations and be excited about all the new ideas that might spring from them.

With that line of reasoning in mind, I went out and grabbed some of those supplies I've been saving and used them on a card. And another card. And another. It didn't use up everything, but I've got a little stack of cards I can use or wrap up as a set for a friend/loved one.

I was dreading that I would feel regret after using those favorite supplies, but I actually felt happy. I felt like my original purchase was justified -- which is an even better feeling! I didn't buy my supplies so they can sit in the crafty closet. I bought them because they inspired me and I was excited to use them.

I realized that I wasn't really trying to hold onto the supply itself, but that excited, inspired feeling I got when I looked at something I liked. That feeling isn't tied to the specific product alone. Sure, maybe I'll need to wait a little while before I find another amazing paper pad or before flair is back in trend. Eventually, though, I'll find something new I love. And then I can have fun shopping for it.

In the meantime, I've got plenty of treasures in my stash to keep me busy and plenty of ideas to play around with.

Thanks for reading!

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