Friday, September 19, 2014

Unhappy Little Bunny

Let me start out by saying that I'm really unhappy with this card. So unhappy, in fact, that I almost dropped this card straight into the trash without a second thought. But not all cards can be winners, and I think it's important to sometimes share the misses as well as the winners. We're not always perfect at crafting. And so, despite my reticence, I'm sharing this card.

For this card, I decided to use one of the Gorjuss stamps - I Love You Little Rabbit. It's a sweet little stamp and it features an adorable bunny. I wanted to go with sweet coloring again, so I chose warm colors.

I also tried out a new product I bought just recently - Yasumoto Pearlescent Watercolors. I thought it might be fun to have some shimmery watercolor that catches the light, while at the same time giving that wonderful watercolor look. The good news is that the colors really do cast a subtle shimmer. It's not as sparkly as Wink of Stella, but it does shine if you tilt the card a bit. So, for the price, it's worth it. The colors in it are also pretty nice, including a wonderful warm brown I used on the bunny.

However, you have to be pretty careful not to go outside of the lines, because the shimmer will show and the mistakes will be very obvious.

And that's where my dislike for the card comes. I did the coloring on this card at night, and everything seemed ok. But I guess my light was off because when I looked at the front of the card in the morning, I noticed all sorts of yucky color bleeding. I seemed to have colored outside the lines quite a bit, including on the girl's face.

So, count me as one UN-happy camper. I was so unhappy with the coloring mistakes that I didn't even bother adding the embellishments I was planning on.

I'll have to try coloring this stamp set again and do a better job of coloring.

Lesson learned, though! No more watercolor at night. :D


  1. Oh Elle, I hear you! It's awful when you've spent time lovingly painting/colouring/etc and you look at it later and something isn't right...whether it be bleeding or something else. It's a sweet image and the bleeding isn't as obvious in the photo as it must be in real life. If I didn't craft at night, I'd never have anything to share on my blog. haha Maybe invest in one of those daylight lamps? That might help. I still think it is a pretty card! :) I do hope you try again because I would love to see one where you are happy with the colouring. :)

    1. You are so sweet, Kylie! I so needed to hear that. I felt pretty down about the card, especially since I loved the idea of shimmery watercolor. But I will give it another try sometime. :)

  2. The card looks gorgeous to me! :)
    Love your colouring. But yeah i understand the frustration of colour bleeding...

    1. It is pretty frustrating, isn't it? It's the worst when it's at the end of the project, too, and then it feels like the whole thing is ruined.

      I'll take out those watercolors again and try to color with them. I think I can make them work. :)