Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Golden Frog Celebrate

When it came to crafty inspiration, I used to love Pintrest. I didn't have a Pintrest board dedicated to cards I liked, but I followed a few few ladies with massive boards (15K and 8K worth of images of cards only with a million different styles) and I browsed through them for inspiration. I liked seeing all the different takes on a stamp from design team members and I was always thrilled when a crafter used a technique or a product I love (especially patterned paper).

Instead of looking at fun designs, I caught myself researching the stamps they were using, or the dies, or the technique that's going to require 50 new tools. Suddenly, there were all these new "CRAFTY NEEDs" and a pattern of giving myself negative feelings. I'd be sad that I can't buy that super cute stamp or annoyed that I don't have 20 spare hours to make that technique work perfectly. And that's the exact opposite of what I want for myself when it comes to crafting.

So, I unsubscribed. I deleted the links out of my bookmarks and reminded myself once again of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to feel. I want to be inspired by what I have instead of what I want. I used to say "need", but it's not really a need when I can make without it. So, I don't need to know what others are doing - I just need to know how my happy crafty stash will inspire me today.

And today, it inspired me to make a celebration card with a frog and raining gold. I used a rub-on -- which is quite new to me, as I've never used one before (I guess they were popular before my time). It was a strange experience. A little frustrating, actually, and I can see why they're not making a whole lot of a comeback.

Nonetheless, I used a different supply that I didn't have to go out and buy and that made me happy. As happy as the little frog king sitting under a rain of gold.

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