Sunday, July 17, 2016

Chatty Sunday: SCS

It's Sunday and it's time for another chatty post! This week, I want to share a big piece of exciting news, and also chat a little about being busy.

So, for my big news... I'm a part of the Dirty Dozen Design Team over on Splitcoast Stampers!!!
I had to keep it a secret, but now I can talk about it since it's been announced! I'm still not fully believing it, but it's sure true...

I got the invitation from Lydia a little while ago and my first thought was that she surely meant to ask someone else! While I've lurked at SCS for a while, I'd only become active very recently and I was absolutely sure that I was flying under the radar. But lo and behold, she did mean to ask me and I accepted! I'm really thrilled, amazed and honored -- all rolled into one ball of butterfly-inducing excitement. I hope I can do it justice and help inspire all the friendly folks at SCS...

And that leads me to the next topic - being busy!

I'm still a part of the Some Odd Girl design team, and with 2 DT responsibilities, I might find myself mega busy... Couple that with trying for extra work, and you've got one potentially overwhelmed me. So, I may switch to a slightly different format when posting.

Normally, I write my posts and publish them right away. Then I can also share them on FB or Flickr. But I'm going to switch to pre-writing my posts so that you can see cards on a regular basis and I'm not writing them at midnight while I'm dead tired and unable to utter a single coherent sentence.

And there you have it! A quick chat on a sunny Sunday. I'll leave you with a quick card share:
(featuring Sweet Stamp Shop's Dragon stamp)
Thanks for reading!

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