Thursday, July 28, 2016

I {heart} you, cutie!

My Favorite Things - Cupcake Cutie (retired)

I read a question the other day about whether I get inky fingers as a crafter. I don't, really. I'm always super careful not to touch the inkpad because I just know that I would accidentally smear it all over my pristine card front and end up crabby and frustrated.

What I do get, however, is the "Copic fingernail". What's that, you ask? Why, it's a little colorful patch of ink on my right ring finger. It tends to take on whatever color I used, but during marathon coloring sessions, it just looks black. Funnily enough, I've had a few friends concerned and asking if I'd pinched my finger in a door or something. Nope, I just colored a bunch of cute stamps!

It has to do with how I hold the marker when I'm coloring. Despite obsessively cleaning my Copics (the barrels, the caps, all of it), it still happens and the color sticks around for a few days before disappearing completely. And since I never wear nail polish, it's a stubborn little stain I can't just wipe away in a minute.

I never get annoyed by the Copic fingernail. It was my reminder that I had a chance to get creative and a quirky little detail to bring up in conversation. And, boy, did I have it when I colored the cutie from Cupcake Cutie! It was the darkest shade of brown in her hair, I think, but it left me with a splotch on my ring fingernail that I can giggle about.

Nonetheless, the card turned out fun and earthy. I liked using a peachy color for her dress, even if I didn't quite figure out the perfect peach color combo. I also found washi tape on my desk from a previous card and a piece of hemp twine (another supply I really ought to use more).

Thanks for reading!

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