Friday, July 15, 2016

SOG - Accessories Galore

The final release day for Some Odd Girl is today, and I think it's probably one that you will all be the most excited about because this release features accessories - like hats, glasses, bows and mittens. What's really awesome about the accessories is that you can add them to a huge variety of digital stamps - critters, people or objects. You can re-size them, print, color and trim to add on top of your regular stamps, too. Super versatile!

I used the cute pig from Day 2 release and gave her some glasses and a bow. Not only did this make her look absolutely adorable, but it added some fabulous character. You could easily use the glasses and a scarf to make her into a Harry Potter pig, or add a fancy hat and make her into a fabulous diva.

Of course, I couldn't just stop at one card, and I had to make a super smart Corgi (also day 2). A simple set of glasses, and he looks so smart and clever! Perfect to go with the sentiment from Hipster Pets, right?

And be sure to check out what other creative ideas are brewing over on the Some Odd Girl blog!


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    1. Thank you, Janine! They're really awesome glasses, I loved using them. :D