Thursday, September 15, 2016

SOG - Bunny Vamp & Bat

Day 4 of Oddie releases is here! Be sure to check out the Some Odd Girl blog for more fun inspiration.

I started by coloring in Bunny Vampire in rich and dark colors. I even gave him the famous widow's peak hairstyle! Once he was colored in, I knew I wanted to keep the rest of my card simple - just set him against the navy dark night.

So, I got creative with the rest of my card, and used the scripty sentiment from Frenchie Gwen. It means "Forever" in French, and it's just so perfect for a vampiric theme. I actually giggled imagining the bunny saying it with a slight lisp (you know, those big ol' teeth do get in the way of talking...). But I kept it as it was and still get a little giggle out of seeing it.

This bat card needs a bit of explanation... When I was young - I think I must have been 5 or 6 - we were visiting relatives and I wasn't feeling very well. I don't remember much about that trip, but I do recall laying down and watching a cartoon about a white bat having adventures. It was in a language I couldn't understand, so I don't even know what the show was. But that white bat stuck with me so much that I keep wanting to color my bats white. And with this gorgeous new digi from Kristy, I was able to!

Since it didn't scream Halloween, I went in a different direction with the rest of my card. I added a white starry sky and played with some circles layered together.

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