Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Hello Sunshine


I've limited my use of social media, but I still do occasionally watch a few card-making videos. One of my favorite video types to watch is when many cards are made out of a single paper pad. There's something so satisfying about seeing all the paper used up and a whole load of completed cards at the end.

I've tried making multiple cards using the same supplies, and it's just not something that I'm good at. I can (and have) done assembly-style cards when making a set, but that's a little different than making just a couple of the same card. 

One of the things that also intrigues me about that type of video is use of card sketches. I love sketches in theory, but struggle following them too closely - especially when they feature a lot of layers. Still, it is something I would like to work on in the future, as I feel it would make card-making easier on days my creative mojo is dormant but I still want to create.

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